To All Veterans: 



The mission of Vetforce Landscaping and Irrigation. LLC is to impact the quality of life for our veterans that may need a good job when they return home. We hire and professionally educate and train veterans who may be transitioning and in need of a temporary job or veterans who may be searching for a new career path in the various aspects associated with the landscape industry. 

No veteran should ever return home and have to worry about finding employment.

Veterans bring with them outstanding skills that are easily transferred

and welcomed into the private sector:

Honor, Commitment to Duty, Reliability, and the Desire to Achieve and Be Successful.

At Vetforce Landscaping we offer veterans the tools, knowledge, and the support needed to succeed and thrive in the landscaping industry. For some veterans, post military service can be a challenging experience and the search in finding a civilian job is often just as challenging and daunting.

Vetforce offers veterans an alternative in finding the right job that they may have never previously considered. Working within nature, in the outdoors and with your hands – working within the natural world provides a very specific sense of self-gratification in knowing you had a part in creating something beautiful - perhaps where none previously existed.

We offer veterans more than a job, we recognize their outstanding commitment to our nation but also their integrity and commitment to duty which has incredible worth within the private sector and the civilian world. Vetforce provides a renewed sense and purpose in forging a 

new career into the future for our veteran heroes.

Vetforce is Veterans - Serving Again.

Veterans who may be interested in working for Vetforce Landscaping and Irrigation, 

please click the Contact Us page and send us a message.  

We are currently serving the Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia Areas. 

Partnerships and Investors are welcomed and encouraged.